Marketing campaigns

Schematic procedure

We support, care and control the acquisition of new customers and existing customers with the help of dialogue marketing tools for you. Be part of our experience in full campaign support!

As-Is Analysis

  • Who are your customers?
  • How big is the suspected market potential?
  • Which target planning / focus exists and is useful?
  • What areas should be supported?


  • Score / forecasting models (potential affinities)
  • Quantity planning / address sources
  • Method selection (outbound call, mailings, etc.)
  • Service provider selection
  • Formulation of objectives
  • Data flow


  • Controlling
  • Benchmarks
  • Optimization in the process
  • Maximizing Results
  • Contact historiography

Sales controlling

  • Lead Processing
  • Lead Conversion

After Sales Support

  • Cross-and upselling
  • Churn Management
  • Potential determination

Strategic campaigns

Campaigns to attract new customers, to increase sales and maintenance/ support of existing customers will be designed and implemented successfully.

Are you checking all your activity for economic usefulness
Are you trying to always find the right audience?
Do you already know the optimal communication channel for your existing customers and your new customers?

Database-driven marketing activities

  • Lead Generation: Marketing actions based on benchmark comparisons
  • Lead Transfer: Forward the relevant data
  • Lead Controlling: Controlling the processing of leads
  • Lead Conversion: successfully accompany the leads to new customers
  • Customer Care: Look after new customers based on their potential
  • Exploitation of customers potential: Recognizing and Exploiting the value of customer
  • Churn early warning systems: Early recognition of migrating customers in order to take countermeasures

Concepts and Solutions

  • Define target groups (target marketing, database marketing, data mining, micro-marketing)
  • Support Processes (SWOT analysis, error detection)
  • Organize contacts (Contact Management, CRM, Lead Management)
  • Measure advertising effectiveness (cost per customer)
  • Analyze sales support