Customers and potential analysis

For a telecommunications provider, we implement comprehensive customer and potential analyzes. The basis for this different data sources from the customer whgich were evaluated, processed, aggregated and enriched with extended information. During the process the following questions were focused on:

  • How to identify new customers and predict the sales potential?
  • What is the maximum investment that should be allocated to the extraction of individual customers?
  • How can existing customers be classified in addition to sales?
  • How can the limited staff resources be used wisely?

For this, the potential and market share for each product group for new and existing customers have been determined. The customers were then classified and processed according to these criteria in support classes.

Have been identified:

  • the target customer structure
  • the target group potential
  • the typical customer profile
  • the customer segment with the greatest market penetration
  • the sectors with a high momentum, high growth
  • the untapped potential of companies (new customers)
  • the data quality of existing customers
  • the product with the greatest market penetration
  • the industry-specific product affinity