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Public service

The identification of relevant target groups on the basis of score models and the resulting individual potential assignment is part of the project. The contact of the searched target groups becomes possible due to the individual potentials while avoiding many unnecessary contacts.

  • Development of product group-oriented potential and affinity scores
  • Potential-dependent targeting

Software manufacturer (Operating system and Office)

In support of customer requests, we designed an automated filtering system based on complex decision trees, through which support requests targeted to the relevant area can be assigned particular:

  • Problem identification and creation of alternative solutions
  • Conception of a decision tree for customer inquiries
  • Development of a system for automatic lead assignment of partner companies on the basis of a complex decision tree
  • Programming a tool for the automatic processing of requests and delivery to the target person in the customer's home
  • Automation Lead processing and online capability
  • User Training

Score-based target group classifications in the mail order business

To avoid unnecessary costs incurred by unprofitable mailing catalogs and promotional mailings, we developed score-based target group classifications to determine the sales potential for individual product groups:

  • Maintenance and adaptation of a B2C potential score
  • Selection of catalog recipients
  • Calculation of CPO's
  • Performance measurement of multiple buyers
  • Realization of advertising effectiveness checks


Through the identification and subsequent elimination of inefficient advertising, the business base is not burdened unnecessarily. Existing and new customers can experience more intensive and individualized care through the resulting financial flexibility .

Scoring and profiling for a logistics service

Given the increasing competitive pressure, it's not just about staying attractively priced. For the company's competitiveness, it is essential in a variety of markets to convince new customers of the company's output.

  • Market and SWOT analysis as a basis for marketing planning
  • Industry-related new customer potential and volume analysis
  • Developing score models to predict product usage affinities and product sales
  • Planning, implementation and control of new and existing customers contact
  • Designing the presentation in cooperation with the customer
  • Coordinating the presentation of insights of individual branches and sales areas


Due to potential overviews for the sales areas, it was possible for sales managers to assess the overall market on the basis of the potential and the product group interest for the first time. The field staff were given target group sheets for further acquisition of new customers and cross-selling activities. In addition the calculated potentials have been validated with the help of call centers and were made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to the field service.

Acquisition / target group identification for a financial service

Coordination and delivery of the acquisition data for call centers and distribution

Objective: Non-overlapping allocation and delivery of potential new customers for the started sales activities in Germany which should be dealt with potential-oriented view of the experience

Our tasks: coordination of the planning and address the expansion of sales activities with Germany and USA; delivery of new potential, potential forecasts, conducting of an area planning in close cooperation with the respective Sales Manager