Construction and maintaining of a database for the identification of market trends in the field of mobile radio terminals for Western and Eastern Europe.

Objective: Summary of internal and external sources into a unified data base, including sales, customer and market data (trade panel).

Our Mission: Through the merge of market, customer and sales data as well as their evaluation our customer is able to pursue its own share and the share of competitors more precisely. The aim is to identify better in its own portfolio strengths and weaknesses and targeted to place devices with one adopted by the auxiliary grooves customers in the customer base. In addition, equipment should be strengthened with increasing sales benefit in the market. By comparing several countries correlations, which were recognized in one country could be affected downstream better in other countries.

Analyzes in the mobile and wireless sector

A wide variety of analysis in the mobile and wireless sector with the aim to better understand customer behavior, develop new products and to identify and mitigate risks.

Objective: Preparation of management charts of individual topics and definition of new analyses based on already known problems.

Our tasks: analysis of usage base on customer data, sales development, detailed usage data and comparison with at least one other country. Building data marts by aggregation and merging of different customer tables in the local and European DWH.

Reference administration / Process control and optimization

Maintenance of reference tables and creation of new processes for optimizing these.

The knowledge of the hardware deployed to the customer is a key to classify customers into certain groups. Which device uses a customer, what are the capabilities of this device and which devices are in a similar class?

Objective: Through the central maintenance af a lookup database and it's distribution to subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S., the marketing departments have been able to develop device specific campaigns for existing customers. Furthermore, it is possible to quickly see which share of sales and uses of services and data new product releases have in context of the corresponding devices show for each customer group.