Matching Software

Really pleased we were with no matching software tested on the market - too expensive, too inflexible, only suitable for a particular customer group and partly not scalable. Therefore, we have developed our own software.


With Twini we have overcome the problems of the previously tested software. Pure java-based and with specially designed algorithms for computing matching metrics. These are highly flexible to configure and scalable as needed. The need for resources is promoted and uses the fastest memory in the system optimally. The Twini-use is easily possible even without a "high-end server" setup. The possibility of parralell calculations uses one or even 8,000 (or more) processes simultaneously - depending on configuration and customer requirements.

Field selectionTWINI Flexible field mapping

Index creationTWINI Sorting

Key data

  • Java-based 64-bit development
  • Almost unlimited parallelization
  • Control as a batch process or via a GUI
  • Optimized phonetic algorithms
  • Knowledge-based optimization of intersections
  • Flexible configuration according to the individual needs
  • Cost-effective operation and maintenance
  • Runs on server or PC
  • Source Database independent
  • Multiple export options