International large group for heating

For a simpler management and build up of international websites complying with international style guides several hardened Content Management Systems (CMS) have been developed and for successfuly deployed. The target group can be found all over the world, from Europe over the United States and Brazil to Australia and China:

  • Development of a database-driven CMS for international websites
  • User Support
  • Development of the CMS
  • User training
  • Application Support
  • Server hosting
  • System error analysis
  • 24-hour emergency support


The website creation was made from a kit through the use of specialized to a specific brand CMS without significant prior experience possible. With the help of the multilingualism of the CMS, the use could be rolled out easily around the world. Meanwhile, a worldwide one-brand appearance for both large as well as the smallest countries easily is possible and very cost effectively. The CMS has so far the highest number of single web page layouts.