Coordination of marketing activities and maintaining the marketing database for multiple sales areas

For different business customers distributors we have, with the help of cost-effective measures, developed or expanded a broad base of different dialogue marketing campaign. Each campaign is run through at least one advertising success checking process, in which cost and success is evaluated and made measurable. Thus the long tem efficiency of each campaign is ensured.

We realize the customer's behalf:

  • Operation of a marketing database , including all interfaces for multiple business sales areas and other external service providers
  • Coordination of purchasing and address matching against existing customers
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Reports from the address occupancy up to new customers
  • Presentation of success and vulnerability analyzes
  • Presentation to potential extensions of dialogue marketing campaigns
  • Conducting regular workshops with the heads of the various distribution channels, particularly regarding target-performance comparisons and potential extensions / modifications of dialogue marketing campaigns
  • Planning, construction, management and control of marketing campaigns
  • Target groups and customer structure analysis
  • Use of different distribution channels
  • Ensuring a usable data quality
  • Development of Access and Oracle PL / SQL modules for ETL-/ Analyzis processes
  • Management and control of established call center
  • Development of score models
  • Prognosis of individual potential (total potential upselling)
  • Prognosis of individual success probabilities
  • Implementation of direct marketing campaigns with mail, email and SMS
  • Coordination of response elements or advertising
  • Regular cleansing of customer data
  • Data consolidation even multilingual
  • Construction of automated reporting
  • Development of an XML software for targeted conversion of data for automated interfaces
  • Software development web-based platforms and document systems


Through the consistent use of advertising effectiveness measurement and steady improvement of contact measures, a long-term success of the campaigns is ensured. Inefficient measures will therefore be filtered out and eliminated or adjusted.

Particularly noteworthy is the campaign continuity through the professional care we are able to give in this field for more than a decade. Due to the profit-oriented planning and direct impact on sales, the campaign is not called into question despite several restructuring and staff changes.

Campaign management

Coordination of marketing activities and the marketing database for multiple sales areas

Target : Operation of marketing databases for multiple sales channels to coordinate the contact address for lead generation , appointment and telesales . To minimize multiple contacts and contacts without success probability, individual channels and their target groups are consolidated in the database. There is a contact history constructed which is used for further contact planning . The addresses available and new addresses will be assessed on the basis of score models and is merged into the corresponding channel.

Our tasks : operation of the marketing database and maintenance of interfaces; coordination of interface problems with the customer and with external companies ; responsible use of individual interfaces to the distribution system in the house for coordination of the address procurement , development and assurance of compliance with data quality measures , development and coordination of reportings from address use through new customer aquisition , development and presentation of success and vulnerability analysis; concept planning and presentation to potential extensions of the dialogue marketing activities , conducting regular workshops with the heads of the various distribution channels, especially with regard to target / actual analyses and potential extensions / modifications of dialogue marketing activities.

Potential analysis

Creation of potential analysis in the field of business customers from SoHo to the KAM with the aim of addressing the potential-oriented contact of new and existing customers.

Objective: To estimate the market volume on the basis of collected information for each individual company (bottom-up approach); assessment of the market also in contrast to the general analysis by GfK (Tele Basics)

Our tasks: analysis of existing customer data and address potential with the help of continuously collected information; identifying growth segments and future target groups in the field of mobile communications with regard to the individual use of data affinity.

Leadmanagement system

Creating and maintaining a web-based lead management system

Objective: Creation of a web portal for indirect sales and their distribution partners, with which the employees of the sales channel can assign partners intereste customers and evaluate performance of contact of these. Development of an XML interface for automatic recording of prospects through call center.

Our tasks: coordination of the system requirements of the different user groups (controlling, sales and users); ensurance of compliance with corporate design, concept planning and presentation; planning the development steps, including regular workshops with the customer for fine tuning; coordination of reporting functions with the employee council, and coordination of user testing for quality assurance and usability, creating a user documentation and training of internal controlling and distribution; final reporting and future planning with the customer.

Web-based generation of b2b offers

Creating, maintaining and hosting a web-based bid management system.

Objective: Creation of a web portal for the indirect and direct business sales and their partners with which it is possible to create automated offers as PDF documents. The offers have to follow predefined criteria and the current sales specifications for the standard discount . The underlying offer document is based on Word templates , and the sales specifications used are based on an Excel list.

Our tasks: coordination of the system requirements of the different user groups ( controlling, sales and users ); ensure compliance with corporate design , concept planning and presentation ; coordination of requirements with the internal security department and compliance with the agreed data protection and data security policies ; hosting the Web - , database and firewall server , planning the development steps , including regular workshops with the customer for fine-tuning and adaptation needs ; coordination of reporting functions with the employee council.

Coordination of user testing to ensure quality and usability ; commissioning and tuning of a design concept , development of user documentation and training of distribution department; final report and future planning with the customer