Customer Predictive Analytics

Score development and Data Mining with Predictive Analytics

Ergebnissübersicht der Scorequalität

Using statistical analysis based on our tested segment-specific models and the used business intelligence, we can offer you the following solutions:

  • Potential Analysis and Predictive Analytics
  • Affinity scores
  • Product scores
  • Turnover scores
  • Product use probability
  • Customer acquisition probability
  • Churn probabilities
  • Revenue potential

The procedure here is as follows:

  • Inventory Analysis - What is possible and also needed?
  • Planning - What indicators / predictors are used?
  • Analysis - How detailed is the information supplied?
  • Implementation - Using statistical methods segments and scores are modeled.
  • Monitoring of results - Are the results obtained valid?

Concepts and Solutions

  • Determine potentials (Data Mining)
  • Get to know customers (Data Mining)
  • Create scorecards