Construction and operation of the marketing data warehouse. Selection and optimization of marketing actions

The dialogue marketing team of the customer is supported by us in many areas on a project basis. This support is based especially on the use of analytical knowledge and the implementation of complex technical processes in data mining-based analysis:

  • Generation of interesst in the retail sector
  • Management of marketing campaigns
  • Target group identification and address selection
  • Coordination of data cleansing and updating actions
  • Development of regular reporting
  • Website Traffic Monitoring
  • Optimization of evaluations of success
  • Multilingual duplicate check
  • Development of interfaces for the marketing database
  • Lead Control and distributors assignment

Forecast scores B2B and B2C

During many years of successful service tailor-made scores to better forecast customer behavior have been created, including:

  • Score of potential (forecast of customer potential)
  • Score of models (forecast of the models)
  • Brand Score (forecast of brand affinity)
  • Leasing and financing score (forecast of the leasing affinity)
  • Repurchase score in conjunction with a driving performance score (forecast of the car holding period)
  • Workshop / HU / AU score (forecast of the workshop loyalty)

The scores are included in the valuation of customer relationship and customer value. Through targeted dialogue marketing programs the customer's freedom of action will be expanded significantly. Furthermore, through the use of intelligent advertising success measurements also the dialogue marketing of the customer is constantly strengthened results-oriented (ROI).

Optimization of existing marketing activities

As part of our customer service, we analyze the existing and historical marketing steps taken for identification of optimization potentials.

Among other things, this analysis led to an improvement in the acquisition of new customers through a targeted selection in the b2b area. The definition of non-relevant target groups avoided the lease / purchase of uninteresting potentials and garanties the use of new potential customers based on their relevances and economic interest.

By the introduction of optimized matching a double-digit percentage of address purchases could be saved, because they are either already in existence or have already been contacted but in the predefined period of time.

Furthermore, the contact of existing customers could be optimized in the context of new clients campaigns. This contact of existing customers was transferred from the new customer campaigns in potential and need-based existing customer campaigns.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Controlling

By using the opt-in rules complient with the Marketing and the data protection departments, opt-in identification of potential could be optimized. This information up to this point limited to the respective resource, was then synchronized to all connected resources across companies.


Construction of a marketing database, merging of garage, prospects, customers, and marketing data. Maintenance of data protection ratios for identification of valid opt-in feature of the customers.

Objective: Summary and aggregation of different sources. Merging of individuals based their individual contact information.

Our tasks: By merging the customer process was tracked in detail from contact to interested parties on the test drive and purchase up to subsequent workshop visits or the sale of the motor vehicle. Customers can be addressed more targeted on the basis of their history. Customers who have sold a car privately, could be identified in part and accordingly contacted separately. Regular reports provide the transparent state of the data base to the customer, for the planning and WEK marketing campaigns back.